Midnight Photo Studio (2024) Episode 13

Dear Asian drama fans, you're watching Midnight Photo Studio (2024) Episode 13 with english subtitles.

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11 Comments to “Midnight Photo Studio (2024) Episode 13

  1. Pause 15:40

    I guess I wasn’t that interested on what happened in that vacation house…but I felt stupid now that they showed the whole story and how it connected with Han Bom’s family’s accident…hahaha!
    I was thinking what’s the motive and why kill those robbers and made the other guy the murderer when they were just robbing the house…now we know…
    It just hit me…stupid me!😅

  2. the happenings keeps getting crazier… how will they even defeat a powerful evil spirit.. and i’m saddened by the preview… mr. baek will completely become an evil spirit? i was hoping for him and deputy go to take the last photo too because the have resolved their regret.. i hope he will not succumb into becoming evil.. lieutenant lee will be out of the picture i guess in the next episode..

  3. I knew tht det. would be trouble ’cause he seemed too bothered w Ki Joo a tad too much.😒

  4. Ugh! I was screaming at the drama logic. Bom walked out of the elevator straight into the enemy’s grasp.

    Then she stayed by the guy after he was shot. I would have jumped off the ledge away from the dead body. But we all know drama logic is always turning your back toward the enemies so they could sneak attack you while the camera film the attacker slowly rises back up for a final blow.

    The other one was where the hell are Mr. Baek and deputy Go when Bom was held by a temporary ghost!? Mr. Baek’s telekinesis would’ve been useful at that time, right!? I thought that the ghosts were already there with the police team.

    As for the police team, they abandoned the victim after they shot detective Lee. Even after Bom was thrown over, none rushed to the ledge to look over.

    Sheesh…I was biting my fingers during those last few scenes. Now, how many days till the next episode releases!?

  5. As far as I am concerned the evil spirit just found a like-minded person in the cop. The cop was a piece of 💩 💩 💩 from a teen/young adult.

  6. This episode, what was it?????? It was so freaking stupid. They literally ran around trying to catch the guy who stabbed a man in the broad daylight. I know it got solved in the end and blah blah, but what the hell was that?

  7. I finally understand that the policeman is the minister son. And the scene on the roof?? If the guy who take you hostage is shot, you don’t stay next to him??? You run from him. That was stupid. Why leads decided that they need to talk in that moment?? Why they start to ask each other, Are you OK, are you OK? Are you blind, don’t you see she is fine?? What is the point to put gun to somebody head if you are not shooting? At least this was resolved in the end.

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