Midnight Photo Studio (2024) Episode 16

Dear Asian drama fans, you're watching Midnight Photo Studio (2024) Episode 16 with english subtitles.

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10 Comments to “Midnight Photo Studio (2024) Episode 16

  1. I cannot wait for this drama to end. So sick of that annoying whiney theme song. Ugh!! I like the drama but that song has got to goooooooo!!!

  2. Can anyone tell me about this drama? Bcz m waiting since the starting of this drama just for the ending. I really want a happy ending not a sad one tho so plsssss tell me then I can just go and start watching this

  3. Wait, so Bom‘s friend really date a ghost 😥😥 why how… but… i mean… and he even taught other ghosts to possess a person?? Why??
    And how about Han Groo‘s love story? She doesn’t end up together with the florist? Why? After all his ex husband did to make her happy again and not being lonely? Is it about not to normalize cheating?

  4. done what a beautiful drama thanks for all the cast…but im sad han groo become matured not the cute with chubby face hihi

  5. NO no no no….I don’t want this to end. Mr. Seo should have stayed missing for a little bit longer so we could have season 2. Hmph!

    Well, this ended well and I enjoyed it from the first episode. I was hoping the office father and daughter get tortured longer, but this is enough for Deputy Go. It’s good that way otherwise he’ll end up a resented ghost. I am happy for him having a career teaching ghosts and having a girlfriend. I love the new atmosphere in the office, Ji Won and her new manager are too funny together..

    So glad to see Yoon Hae again as the super hero guiding Ki Joo out of the netherworld.

    🎉 I’m always happy for a happy ending. 👏

  6. Yay happy ending.
    But seriously how can you date a ghost ghost?? They are making it work, bro respect.
    I liked it, things were good, not too intense, not too bleak, just good.
    Sorry what?? 9 to 6 is ONLY??????????

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