Red Swan (2024)


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Status: Ongoing

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Other name: 화인가 스캔들 / 쉬 / 더 리치 / 레드카펫 / Redeukapet / Hwain Gamunui Seukaendeul / Deo Richi / Swi / Hwain Family Scandal / Scandal of Hwain Family / She / The Rich / Red Carpet / Дорама Скандал в семье Хваин

Synopsis: Oh Wan Soo, a successful golf player, achieves her dream of marrying into the upper class by marrying the successor of the Hwain Group. She now works as the chairperson of a foundation and is internationally renowned for her philanthropy. Seo Do Yoon, a highly skilled martial artist and recent graduate from the police university, becomes her new bodyguard. However, Do Yoon has a specific reason for joining the Hwang Group’s security team. Wan Soo’s new bodyguard reveals a secret about the Hwain Family. This drama consists of 10 episodes, each lasting 60 minutes, and airs on Wednesdays. It has not yet been rated.

Red Swan (2024) trailer

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