Koi wo Suru nara Nidome ga Joto (2024) Episode 5

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Koi wo Suru nara Nidome ga Joto (2024) Episode 5 full episodes

9 Comments to “Koi wo Suru nara Nidome ga Joto (2024) Episode 5

  1. I hope they get married in the next episode so this dude can leave them alone, like please leave them alone and hate when people trying to break apart someone love.

  2. Sugimoto is such a weird jerk! Dealing with Iwanaga’s family is so emotionally draining. Plus, I find it very suspicious that the mom wants him back right when he’s in a relationship with Miyata again. I guess she saw those articles the two of them have posted online and in the magazine. I’m hoping in the next episode that Iwanaga opens up to Miyata about his family drama. Don’t keep Miyata in the dark, just talk to him.
    This episode flew by so fast! I’m ready and not ready for the last episode.

  3. I wanted to beat “au revoir” over the head with a bat. Why doesn’t he take over the family biz if he cares so much? With his ugly suit wearing hater ass. He’s fine though.

  4. I don’t think Miyata is ready for all this family drama. It’s nice he wants to protect his lover and I love it when he gets those little bursts of bravery and speaks up for himself and Takashi but these people working against him are far more devious minded than he is. I think Takashi is right to keep him out of this mess, he’s not built for it. He spends most of his time living in the past trying to protect himself from the boy who hurt him years ago only to find out it was this weirdo who broke them up.

  5. We are two ships, always passing, on the same route through life, but neither of us can ever get close enough to do anything other then meet briefly.
    Both Miyata and Iwanaga are showing that they are tired of passing each other and ready to just dock and put their feet on solid ground they can share forever while watching the sunsets.
    Yet neither one of them is sure how to dock a boat, and so they sit drifting next to each other, they could help each other, or drift so far apart there is no way back. I guess we shall see next week.

  6. I had to watch this in a rush before starting my day today so I hope I didn’t miss or misunderstand details but…

    SPOILER… Not even 2 minutes into this ep and I’m screaming to teenage Iwanaga😡😤 No wonder adult Miyata reacted the way he did to their initial reunion😲 But after hearing the intro to our newest “ex” to Iwanaga I was screaming “YOU B*TCH! to him bc well it was obvious he was the one playing Miyata😤 The “ex” was hot but the arrogance was a big get the F out a here, you pretentious pr*ck!✋ Take all your wine and shove it down your throat. Au Revoir with your pretty face!😏 Iwanaga sure had a certain type or attracted certain types- eh?!! B*TCHES INDEED! His BRO is something else!!!😒

    At least we know we can trust Iwanaga regarding the bro. Sigh of relief over here. But why isn’t he telling Miyata the important things and having him feel like an outsider? He (Iwanaga) must understandably still have some serious trust issues himself after everything he’s been through with his family😔

    Then the dreaded, obligatory, let’s break-up. Really?!👀 I hat e it here😭😭😭 I was hoping we could avoid this in this series. I’m done with meddling families and characters that don’t fight for what they want from the get go😭😭😭

    Why is Iwanaga letting history repeat itself?! Letting family drama and expectations stand in his/ their way. He should be honest with the person he loves. He’s not just his lover. Iwanaga looked like a broken man that surrendered. His mother is the worst. Who does that to their kid in high school?! SMDH😤

    Ahh, the writing for this is still GOLD despite the ending this ep! They better have a happy ending for them after everything they’ve suffered through🙇‍♀️

    P.S. I don’t want this series to end next week🙏😭

  7. SOOO much to unpack in this episode my gosh. the emotions are all over the place.
    baby got his bank book, and he’s ready to run. I’m sure that the photo was not what he thought it was.
    Too bad wine boy is another player in the love life of Takashi. or at least, he seems like he WANTS to be.
    “Takashi will never be yours. Give up.” So he’s the boy who sent the message all those years ago.

    wow. wait what???? Takashi’s family kicked him out and put him up for adoption????? (when he was in hs) can you do that?? Just because they didn’t like his love choices??? that’s insane.

    DUDE. stop saying au revoir! it’s creepy.

    hahaha. “I’m the type who feeds bait to caught fish.” oh the inuendo!

    housekey and invitation to live together? oh my…

    Miyata, please speak to your boy instead of carrying all that angst yourself.
    and for that matter, T also wants to take care of everything himself. although they communicate very well, this stuff about the family and the back then is still shrouded in darkness. I’m sure T never wanted M to even find out about the abandonment of his family or the why of it.

    The understanding of being a ‘big brother’ and mentor is one thing, but this is NOT how you touch your lil brother. T pushes him off, but not quickly enough.
    It’s no wonder Miyata is feeling threatened and jealous. Wine boy is annoying.

    also, what kind of wine is orange?

    aw, so cute when they are cooking together. that little kiss and hug. so nice.

    wine man is trouble!

    OHHH the way M stood up for T. and practically shouted “I’m not an outsider. I’m your lover!” what a show down.

    the hickey though. grin

    man this show. so much deep emotion.

    now they are breaking up, my guess is because M feels guilty for what happened to T all those years ago. and now T is supposed to go inherit the family business and he thinks he will be the cause of another rift? smh

    one minute M seems so sure of himself, and the situation and the next he’s not sure what to do, or where to go.
    That he’s loved T most of his life is a recurring theme. But how are they going to get on the same page, and actually be happy together.
    T has so many secrets otoh, but then he’s so open with M. It’s hard to believe or KNOW what’s true.
    Wonder how this will wrap up?

  8. After all those years, the same problem that separated them before is still the same problem that is trying to separate them now.

    I’m starting to get mad with Takashi/Iwanaga again. I understand Takashi doesn’t want to involve Miyata in family affairs. It’s just the same reason as to why he never really clarified the “bet” part and other things from the past. Takashi doesn’t want Miyata to find out about the misunderstanding and be bothered by it so Takashi just decided to take the blame.

    But Miyata is right. He IS Takashi’s lover, he’s not just an outsider. Especially when Takashi keeps saying he loves Miyata and want to live together him. Even if Miyata really can’t do anything about the situation, I still prefer that he’ll be inform so at least he’s aware.

    The only reason why I can’t hate Takashi even if I’m extremely annoyed right now is because his eyes were just so sad. Even if he’s smiling, his eyes are just full of sadness and defeat.

    And that mother, oh my god. After sending her literal High School CHILD for adoption, she now wants to claim him again???? Old lady, that is why your kids hate you.

    Sugimoto is getting too close physically with both Takashi and Miyata, I was so annoyed. 😭 I really hate him most of the times, but I’m not sure which side is he really on because Takashi doesn’t want to push him. Is he mad at Miyata for not showing up to Takashi back then? Ugh IDK. If this guy is still an enemy next episode, he will catch these hands. 🤬🤬

    Well, one more episode to go. I’m not ready yet to say goodbye. I’m thankful they showed some positive scenes in the teaser for next episode. If they showed only bad things in the teaser, I was about to hold a grudge. 🥲

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