Jazz for Two (2024)


Genres: , , , , ,

Release Year:

Status: Completed

Starring: , , , , , , ,

Other name: 재즈처럼 / Jaejeucheoreom / Like Jazz

Synopsis: , Thursday

After his brother’s death, Han Tae Yi loses his will to live. However, transfer student Yoon Se Heon becomes an unwanted presence, playing jazz that reminds Tae Yi of his brother. Se Heon also suspects Tae Yi’s relationship with their friend Seo Do Yoon. Despite their initial annoyance towards each other, they are assigned to the same group for a joint performance evaluation. As they practice together, complex emotions start to develop between them. Just as their relationship starts to deepen, a senior student named Song Joo Ha, who was suspended from school, returns and creates tension between Tae Yi and Se Heon.

Jazz for Two (2024) trailer

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