Five Kings of Thieves (2024)


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Other name: 五行世家 / 五大贼王 / Wu Xing Shi Jia / Wu Da Zei Wang / The Family of the Five Elements / Five Great Thieves

Synopsis: This drama follows the journey of Huo Xiao Xie, a young orphan who becomes entangled in a troubled world. In order to protect his loved ones during times of crisis, he repeatedly faces death and fights against evil forces. Through his unwavering courage and wit, Huo rises to become a legend of vitality and light within the market, using his blood and wisdom to defend those around him.

Set in the early years of the Republic of China, the country is plagued by warlords and chaos. When a mysterious treasure, the jade beads, surfaces in the rivers and lakes, tens of thousands of people are in pursuit. It is believed that the beads hold clues to the “Five Elements Holy Kings”, symbols of the throne. This sparks a campaign led by revolutionaries and students to protect the national treasures.

The Five Elements family, a renowned martial arts clan, joins forces with the revolutionaries in their mission. Together, they must defeat the traitorous Zhang Si Ye and his

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