Doctor Slump (2024)


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Other name: 닥터슬럼프 / 닥터 슬럼프 / 低谷医生 / Dakteoseulleompeu / Dr. Slump / Доктор Крах / ركود الطبيب

Synopsis: Yeo Jeong Woo is a successful plastic surgeon who achieved top marks in his school days. When a mysterious medical accident threatens to derail his life, he meets Nam Ha Neul, his old rival from school. Ha Neul works as an anesthesiologist and is known for her exceptional intelligence. Despite being a workaholic, she is unsatisfied with her life and seeks to make a change. In this challenging time, Jeong Woo and Ha Neul find solace in each other and their relationship soon blossoms into romance.

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  1. Every episode has drinking, even I felt this problem too. Why can’t they just have a conversation by having a coffee

  2. I liked this episode.
    And her showing up with him happened much faster than I predicted.

  3. It’ll be fine if it’s just touch, hold and let go, it’s when the relationship goes deeper that that am worried about…🤕😁

  4. The mum’s speech to Haneul in today’s episode made me cry she’s one of the best kdrama mothers I’ve ever seen like yes she makes mistakes but she owns up to them and she just has so much love & understanding for her daughter 🙁 Glad Haneul can rely on her while she overcomes her depression

  5. She should be an example – it’s absolutely fine to get married at yours 20+ and continue the career. Nothing wrong with the kissing, it’s just a scene.

  6. I haven’t been able to watch the episode yet but I saw the preview. If the kiss does happen tomorrow…PSH, please don’t disappoint me.

  7. Dr. Slump hydration challenge. Drink a sip of water whenever:
    — Min Kyungmin gets punched in the face
    — Bada steals, begs, or offers to do something for 50,000 won
    — anyone says “cosmetic surgeons are the real heroes”

  8. well it’s said that doctors make the worst patients I guess, then again they both are supposed to be really smart/logical-thinking people, one would say even if they have no regard for their own health risks , rhey would at least try to stop each other from chugging like that after taking medication not actively encourage it😅
    but well it’s a k-drama ,they are often kinda inconsistent with their characters 🤷 it just made me a little cringey at times here when they boast about their doctoring, especially the FL does it sometimes and ten minutes later she visits ML with bag full of beer after happily taking pre-desribed medication together 😅 the contrast was bit too much even for a rock bottom 😁
    Anyways I think you might be right and the writers tried this method to emphasize how low in life they are, but I think they chose a wrong way in this particular case given the charactertics of the leads they’ve established.Anyways I am currently a bit sceptical about the drama for multiple reasons, so I am curious if I’ll get to like it again 😁

  9. I loved the way characters are communicating with each other. The way ha neul and her mom communicated, the way ha neul and her uncle communicated, it was beautiful. We need a family who we can talk to without any barriers. Good that they are showing such transparency.

  10. I am scared for tomorrow… Park Shin hye and kiss, don’t go in one sentence 😭😭

  11. I totally agree that the whole eavesdropping device to take the plot forward is getting repetitive

  12. I think it’s pretty accurate which is unfortunate. So I wonder if the show is trying to reveal how it’s too much OR this is just the norm

  13. It’s so good to see Ha neul families being there for her. I love her mom 😭❤️
    Even tho we didn’t see them together much in this epi, I still love them soooo much….the way these two are messing with my feels ❣️❣️

  14. I want to it to end early cause I can’t wait to watch it in one go and don’t wait for more 3 weeks to finish airing😂🔫🤣

  15. Made me tear up a lot
    Very realistic struggles and relating to it makes us feel like we’re not alone

  16. So they had the breakup episode and tomorrows looks like getting back together I have yet to see a Kdrama where they break up twice so this means 7 episodes of them being a couple.

  17. It’s so good to see Ha neul families being there for her. I love her mom 😭❤️
    Even tho we didn’t see them together much in this epi, I still love them soooo much….the way these two are messing with my feels ❣️❣️

  18. South Korea is one of the top alcohol consuming countries in the world. 75% of adult Koreans consume alcohol regularly.

  19. okay, new episode was super good again)) I tell it every Sat-Sun))
    not so many couple’ scenes, but our great leads have the chemistry with each and every cast member, so…)

  20. Great ending to the episode. Setting up and then swooping in with what we hoped was going to happen. Also, when he asked if he could wait for her? Beautiful. Not demanding, not declaring, asking. What a man.

  21. So sorry for you losing your mum, I hope you watching this drama gives you some joy filled moments ❤️

  22. kinda curios about the drunking culture in korea,the amount of alcohol they consume is insane.Wonder how much of an exageration it is

  23. Saaaame! It’s so realistic but optimistic, gives you the feels but never does something for the drama of it – it heals you right away even if something “bad” happens. A simple but rarely good plot and I cant think of a single annoying cliche! Like, this doesnt have an annoying psycho ex, I mean – hello, why is no one talking about that in the light of all the shows that introduce such cliches but this one continues with the good storylines?????

  24. I laughed so hard when he said he is in so much pain!! lol I just can’t it was so funny

  25. this episode turned out to be unexpectedly good for me. I thought the story would start dipping down now but in this particular episode i liked how they showed things which YJW is facing

  26. This is an example of healing drama.

    The one thing that would have made this drama even better would be if they didn’t romanticize alcoholism as a virtue.

  27. When will they stop showing FL getting drunk all the time while being on antidepressants? It’s sending a really bad message.

  28. I understand drinks are comforting sometimes, but I think in this drama they use it a lot. if it was lesser than how they show it now, I would appreciate this drama a lot.

  29. When he thinks Haneul is moving on and happy and throws that tantrum on the bed I screamed! 🤣

  30. I just ignore -,- It’s not like they will influence me or smtg. If dramas had influenced me in any way, I would have been a topper or maybe a CEO by this time now :3

  31. What happened by the end of Episode 8 felt very natural to me. Their dating felt real but also unreal at the same time. They both dealt with sudden blows in life. Although the female lead’s life was already gradually moving downwards, it was a bit eerie for me to see them finding joy amid adversity that has yet to be solved.

    They both comforted each other, and after much consideration, the Female Lead falling for the Male Lead was a bit unnatural. When you have unresolved feelings of any kind, you kind of brush them with new feelings, but that is not a solution because sooner or later, previously suppressed feelings will overpower you and break the facade you created for moving on.

    She was doing so well, but it was all pretense. Having someone by your side and relying solely on medicine is not a cure for depression; it helps, though. She needed enough time to deal with all the emotions and betrayal she hid inside. Also, she hasn’t forgiven that sunbae. I know she took a big step by confronting him, but she still needs time to get back on track. And she will.

    I am glad that the Male Lead acknowledges every side of hers and sees her as someone who needs help, not just as a boyfriend. Also, the sunbae is just too good at stealing the work and being that only. I am sure he is one piece of a jerk, planning to lurk around the Female Lead even after his greed for becoming a rich son-in-law. Why would he badmouth her in the interview? Why does he keep lurking around the Male Lead? They solved the murder case, as he was going to be the main problem in the second half of the series.

  32. That thief has to destroy her so she doesn’t improve and maybe in the future get her justice.

  33. why has it become like this. kdramas from even 5 years ago never used alcohol like this, it has become a plague now.

  34. It depends on your taste Buddy…
    For me, this is one of the best dramas I’ve ever watched in my life.

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