Blood Free (2024)


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Status: Ongoing

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Other name: 지배종 / 우점종 / 支配物种 / Jibaejong / Dominion / Dominant Species / The Dominant Bell / Обескровленный / Доминирующий вид

Synopsis: “BF” is a drama about the rise of a company called BF, which has become the leading provider of genetically engineered cultured meat, putting an end to millions of years of humans consuming animal meat. The company’s CEO, Yoon Ja Yoo, is joined by her co-founder On San, a Ph.D. in physiology. However, as BF gains more power and success, both insiders and outsiders begin to question Yoon Ja Yoo’s decisions and the direction of the company. Woo Chae Woon, a former naval officer turned bodyguard, becomes entangled in the drama. This 10-episode series airs every Wednesday.

Blood Free (2024) trailer

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