Wonderful World (2024)


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Status: Ongoing

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Other name: 원더풀 월드 / 美好世界 / Wondeopul Woldeu / Чудесный мир

Synopsis: ‘Wonderful World’ is a drama that tells a story of love, revenge, and redemption. The plot follows Park Ha Na, a grieving mother, who seeks justice against the person responsible for her son’s tragic death. Despite the perpetrator being granted forgiveness by the law, Park Ha Na is determined to make them pay. Along the way, she meets a mysterious medical student in his early 20s who is willing to risk everything, including his own life, to protect her. Together, they embark on a dangerous journey of love and redemption, facing high stakes and dire consequences. The drama consists of 14 episodes.

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  1. I know people will be simping on eunwoo and there is me in my own world with kangwoo lmao.

  2. I don’t think it does…I just feel like it’s like a mother and son type of relationship

  3. I don’t know what you mean by typical K-drama romance, but it’s not romcom type of romance for sure… if there is any romance.

  4. Oh wow, looks like people are not really happy with romance; I’ve always liked storyline with subtle romance with major focus on the plot, and this looks like that, i dont mind romance when both are adults, and well cew is like 26 and he’s gonna serve soon guys lol, don’t like it, don’t watch it, half of you guys complaining probably enjoy older guys- younger woman shows 😬

  5. I think cha eun woo will be her lost son? Just my prediction, since.it will be more emotiomal? Hehe idk

  6. It’s about understanding the risks. I’m not saying that all age gap relationships are problematic. There are exceptions. I’m saying that we should understand the potential risks that exist in age gap relationships

  7. People still assuming they are mother and son. Lol.
    After watching the latest trailer they can be anything but mother and son. Maybe they share mutual feelings, maybe they are just revenge partners/emotional support of each other or maybe it’s just one sided (like how it happens in kdramas usually the ml develops feelings while helping FL for example Cheat on me if you can).

    Everyone has preferences and if this turned out to have something (even slightly) that you find uncomfortable or immoral you can choose to just not watch it’s okay no one is judging you. But repeatedly saying that they are mother/son, he is her dead son etc. when the teaser, trailer, poster is hinting otherwise it’s like you deliberately want to live in denial.

  8. Depending on the genera of show, posters can look vastly different. Honestly seems about normal for a melo-thriller.

  9. well, they are free to not watch it, but this screams “all age gap relationships are bad, since mine was bad…”

  10. Only potential risk is your shitting here and ruining whole mood of the show for those who want to enjoy this show.

  11. I’m ready for this. I’m hoping to see either some physical, emotional, romantic or sexual connection between the two leads who have the age gap. I’m so ready for this.

  12. well… it’s true he doesn’t do very good in romcoms, let’s be honest, but I think this role will suit him and his acting looks very good in the teaser… there is difference between hate and truth/fair opinion

  13. No romance = perfect. this type of drama doesn’t need romance. plus I’d love to see Eun Woo in a thriller drama rather than romance because he fits this genre more. as usual Kim Nam Joo 🔥

  14. Facts. Not sure if there will be a romance (people already scream at 10+ age gaps if it’s a noona romance 🤡) but it doesn’t have to be romantic. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a hint of romantic feelings and thus a platonic relationship, it would make sense. In Melancholia with only a 16 years age gap all they could show was a little kiss at the end when they are married and living together… So yeah most likely romantic feelings along with a platonic relationship, especially since it’s a much bigger age gap here. But people will probably forget whatever context and nuance then they will start showcasing their immaturity again.

  15. Well, you know that couples with this age gap exist (no matter what you think of them) and he’s an adult in this, right?

  16. I think this will have subplot romance between eun woo and se mi .
    what do you guys think ??!

  17. Exactly! Also did anyone not watch Pale Moon? The male lead was born in 1999 and yet nobody is complaining about the age gape! (ง •̀_•́)ง
    Are they just mad because this is Cha Eun Woo or som?

  18. Yeahh.. their age difference…
    But yes as their is no love or romance word in genre so yes… Its just a Revenge drama

  19. Romance isn’t even the genre (most likely some platonic/one sided feelings at most) and you freak out… You don’t know that couples with huge age gaps actually exist? He’s not underage…

  20. Maybe if you spice it up with a little romance it will be more interesting, because it makes us more curious and of course exciting

  21. But I guess they’ll have Romance.. I just watched the teaser and saw cha eun woo hairstyle.. its like he is also an adult of same age in the drama

  22. But I think if they are brothers and its a plot of suffering same pain.. then maybe its lim ji sub who’s dead😭 from start?

  23. THIS IS STILL NOT OUT???? OMGGG, why did they tell us so long ago, there is still like 3 days, I’m in mood for thriller shows 😭😭

  24. Read the news ppsted by user named YESMISSA right below my comment. There is nothing like spoiler as that person had already posted news.

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