Wedding Impossible (2024)


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Status: Completed

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Other name: 웨딩 임파서블 / 웨딩임파서블 / Wedingimpaseobeul / Weding Impaseobeul / Свадьба невозможна / الزفاف المستحيل

Synopsis: “Extra actress Na Ah Jeong is offered the opportunity of a lifetime when her long-time friend, Lee Do Han, asks her to pose as his wife in order to appease his family’s pressure for marriage. As Ah Jeong prepares for her first leading role, unexpected complications arise when Do Han’s younger brother, Lee Ji Han, attempts to sabotage the wedding and bring in a potential bride of his own. Based on the webtoon “Wedding Impossible,” this drama follows Ah Jeong’s journey as she navigates the complicated web of relationships and ambitions in the LJ Group family. 12 episodes, 1 hr. 20 min each, airing on Mondays and Tuesdays.”

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  1. the manga was so good and the male actors in the show are just making me excited,I hope its hilarious and romantic

  2. A lot of you are super immature. Once a person is in their mid-late 20’s, ppl in their 50s are no longer elders, they are just senior to you. Older peers if you will. Yes Gen Z, we are not babies anymore. Time to grow up. Most ppl 25+ are spending everyday interacting in an environment with ppl around this age as coworkers. Its not weird to fall in love with someone you can view as an equal.

    And thats where I want to call many of you out. Bc there IS something weird about this relationship if its romantic and its not age. And I have not seen ONE comment talking about it. So all of you preaching about how strange age gaps are, take a seat. The issue is the student/professor dynamic. That is a power imbalance that remains no matter what age. Y’all are giving ageism, check yourself! Age can be a form of discrimination too. AND many of yall love that drama My Mister… Misogyny here too! Check your biases guys and open your minds!

  3. will they create a romantic angle or what? The poster looks sus. The age gap is only suitable for erotic plot

  4. Sounds like the Thai drama “A Love Proposal.” If this is as good as that was I’ll be so down

  5. One of the male leads -the one with the secret – is gay, tgats the secret. He asks tge FL to act as his wife to hide that secret. He has a brother that is probably very protective if him and supports him in all things, and I’m betting he’s going to fall in love with the fake wife. Does that make more sense?

  6. goblin I didn’t feel the great chemistry too between leads and I am not into a drama of older man/younger woman at all, they were average and less😂🔫😂🔫🤣🤣 the fans of goblin may kill me for this critcism😂🔫🤣

  7. yes the chemistry in secret love affair was great too
    if you can tell me more about other outstanding chemistries of noona drama I will be grateful in case I miss some others😂🔫🤣

  8. I highly doubt It… There is no clue that she would be love interest of the brother at all…

  9. yall i think they’re removing the gay element from the brother’s character… cuz i just read the manhwa and there’s no yoon chae won… 😭 they’re gonna make the brother and her fall in love i guess

  10. “Give me the younger brother rather than the elder,”, that is her character’s introduction is drama page. Hope she only is traditional third-wheel in rom-com

  11. WHY? do you I feel like they gonna remove the plotline of His brother being gay….💀

  12. Ooh, the network is tvN. The first writer is unknown, but I’ve seen one drama from the second writer. This has potential!

  13. Sure! No problems! yeah Cdrama are Long but funny enough. I find it easier to watch a 40 Episode Cdrama than a 16 EP Kdrama😭 I don’t know but the flow ( When the drama is actually good tho) is suiting to me. maybe because I’ve already gotten used to it haha.

  14. Okay TVN has me every Monday and Tuesday if they keep releasing all my eargerly waiting for dramas… after marry my husband…I hope this is my new Monday pill💜

    I’ve also only seen the female lead in thrillers( the call money heist Korea and barellina) so I can’t wait for this change in roles

  15. I agree, the longer the better. I love being invested in one drama for a longer period of time cause I get so sick of always looking for new one’s. Totally agree on that 😊

  16. Yeah. especially if the long drama is good. Because when I watched Dramas like Gen Z, Long Ballad, The Untamed, I didn’t even notice the length and was like Is it over already haha

  17. Those are pretty sophisticated dramas. I had a hard time following Long Ballad even though the leads were so powerfu. The Untamed also. You’re definitely pro. Do you by any chance know of a fantasy C drama where the female lead is cold, nonchalant really just unbothered?

  18. THIS IS GOING TO BE THE ONLY KDRAMA I’m watching so far 2024 and liking ( Dropped all btw) so hope this is good

  19. Same, I’m so disappointed with the new K-drama’s recently. I can maybe single out Marry my Husband and Flex cop. Aside from that I have no drama’s to watch. If you have any recomm please write🙏

  20. I think he is just a side character, no really screentime for him. I don’t think SML will have a gay romance

  21. The Younger brother is the male lead so she gonna end up with him. and I don’t think the blondie gonna like her But what I fear most…I don’t even think they gonna make him gay! it’s like they scrapping off that plot

  22. I’ve high expectations with this one. The cast looks promising, the teasers look fun, and this is Jeon Jong Seo’s first TV drama! Imma trust my gut feeling that this’ll be an interesting watch

  23. What??? Gay male lead in fake straight marriage that’s really a trope you only you see In books 🤣I’m so excited to watch this

  24. I talked about his potential boyfriend.
    But yes SML has screentime but probably no romance gay.

  25. He is the 3rd most important Character in this drama. even from Synopsis and poster I can say he had a HUGE ROLE to play. So he Owns a great deal of Screentime as well. As for him having romance… idk.

  26. I hope the series gives the gay character a happy ending. While I understand the desire for popularity, it’s disheartening to see the recurring injustice done to gay characters by placing them in stereotypical roles. It’s important to recognize that not all gay individuals conform to these stereotypes, and not all effeminate individuals are gay. The portrayal of gay characters in primetime series often perpetuates a stereotypical and unrealistic image.

  27. i hope they retain the elements from the webtoon where the ML goes the extra mile to help the FL grow her confidence, I thought that part was really sweet. its been a few years since i read it but thts also one of the only parts that I remember from the webtoon so i feel like it was really rlly integral to the story and their relationship!!

  28. i hope they retain the elements from the webtoon where the ML goes the extra mile to help the FL grow her confidence, I thought that part was really sweet. its been a few years since i read it but thts also one of the only parts that I remember from the webtoon so i feel like it was really rlly integral to the story and their relationship!!

  29. Yes! I want to see how they went from that hysterical car scene with grandpa to the breakfast table! The dynamics between the 3 of them eating breakfast way too funny!

  30. Am I the only one that think she has better chemistry with her gay friend?. He’s super nice to her too… The ML needs to do a complete 360 for me to like him. #myopinion

  31. Yh
    I know Jihan character was written like that for a reason. That’s his flaw as a character and I bet we gonna see some character development. right now he probably mature and ignorant

  32. lol at the people who think just because something is traditional or because it’s the way it’s always been means it’s something worthy of upholding. Paedophilia was (and still is) traditional in some cultures, public hangings, the oppression of women, child labour, child marriages, genital mutilation, honour killings etc. were all ‘traditional’ and the status quo at one point but thankfully we left that in the past (in most places); as we should with homophobia. Your comfort does not supersede someone else’s right to a decent and safe life.

  33. same low quality story and plot and nothing much for presentation either. The biggest and the only +ve is – The heroine and that mature cheobal girl.
    Heroine is carrying the show. writer is good with dialogues but not with story+plot.
    Hero does nothing for being a smart business guy.

    overall, same copy-paste from story to character but heroine this time is using brain and showing more sense.

  34. i feel like they just dont want to get it and just hide behind the “he should just stayed in new york then” which totally dont make any sense.

    thank you for that comment though, i mean it. shows me that some ppl understand that it’s really hard for them to come out.

  35. i just realised she’s the one in ‘ballerina’ 😳, usually i remember a face, but this time nope😅

  36. Knowing anything about the webtoon here is basically useless since the only thing that’s the same is the basic plot. So it’ll be impossible to know what will happen here, lol. I was wondering how this would be adapted since the webtoon was basically just the leads living in the same house for two months, and honestly not enough for a whole drama.

  37. Does anyone know why the grandfather says that the younger brother can’t be his heir but the older brother can? I’m not sure if they discussed this before. I don’t know why there’s a distinction being made between the two. Is it because he’s as ambitious/plotting as his other half siblings?

  38. This has gotten better. I love how clear the characters’ motivations are. Everyone, so far, is being consistent. I’m a little worried about the 2FL. She’s too good to be true and she likes the ML. Sure to cause trouble later. The grandpa was a pleasant surprise. Was expecting him to be super evil but he’s just your regular chaebol grandfather evil.

    Love the FL. Short of the writers making her a damsel in distress later, I doubt I’ll stop loving her.

    (Seeing fewer harsh comments and hope it stays that way. )

  39. Haha I don’t like them Romantically but I love her Dynamic with the gay friend. the platonic feel

  40. It is so good . Interesting,funny ,main couple has a great chemistry and I love that the scenes are not overacted,their reactions are quite natural. This drama will be great I am sure of it 😀 <3

  41. I read some people don’t like ML Behaviour..YEAH same. I too find him selfish most at times and maybe immature but Hey, Flaws are there for a reason y’all.I think people have been fed too much with the Fantasy Idea of ML being a little bit too good to be true. perfect In all ways they you’ve forgotten that There are annoying people like him too who exist 🥲😫I want to kick his ass..Yeah. no one wants to beat him up as much as I do now. But Flaws are there for a reason, and that’s character development. so I think it’s gonna be fun watching his character develop hopefully.

    or maybe he has a reason for being like this? past Trauma? it’s always the past truma that makes them jerks lol. But Maybe who knows

  42. exactly. i do have that feeling too. they seem disconnected.
    for me, ji han is pretty selfish in a kind of way. he wants smth but he excuses his behaviour that he wants to make his brother happy. if he would listen to do han even a single second, he knew that his behaviour is not making him happy at all. he said a couple of times that he does not want to be the CEO, he does not want to marry a woman he does not love, but ji han doesn’t care because everything needs to be done in his way – so in reality, he does not want to make his brother happy. he can’t be the CEO of the company because of his past, so at least his brother has to!

    on the other side we have do han, which is the opposite of ji han. very quite and shy. i know many ppl do not like the behaviour of the marriage and even i think its a bad decision but i can totally understand why he does that. he wants peace. if i would be do han, i woud go crazy with all these “paparazzis” around me, searching for a single mistake that creates a rumor. and we all know that he does that marriage thing because of the pictures they already seen. they could not see the male figure on these photos but do han knows. hiding it is his only way. this brother relationship is a mess. xd

  43. Ji Han bed hair makes him look even hotter/cuter like when he was having breakfast with Ah Jung and Grandpa

  44. Homosexuals make up 3% of the world. Why do they have to be in EVERTHING nowadays??? They already took over the west, it’s almost as if they control the world or something. I’m only watching this for JJS, I’ll just skip all the gay stuff

  45. i mean it’as adapted from a webtoon and “the gay stuff” it’s clearly not the main thing in this drama so i dont understand why you making such a fuss cause of that. Moreover it’s really rare to see that on drama so it’s kinda new. And why r u acting like homophobic, it’s not that disturbing.

  46. Well that’s a relief it’s not the main thing, that just means less gay stuff to skip. Also I’m not making a fuss, I’m only stating facts and my opinion, you know that thing everybody does. Sorry not sorry if you disapprove of mines. If I’m not mistaken dramas has a whole BL genre, so it’s not that rare, I guess it just only a matter of time before they’re in every main stream drama.
    I’m not homophobic, cause I don’t fear nor hate gay people, I’m mainly just apathetic towards them, and lastly never said it was disturbing, so no need to make me look like homophobe just cause I don’t have any interest in them

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