Soo Ji & Woo Ri (2024) Episode 77

Dear Asian drama fans, you're watching Soo Ji & Woo Ri (2024) Episode 77 with english subtitles.

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6 Comments to “Soo Ji & Woo Ri (2024) Episode 77

  1. So now we are on to URi life up to this point. How is the writer going to have a 5 year old not remember his mother and be with another woman for years until he end up with CSY.
    So SJ has hear it from the horse’s mouth that he let her go so she can be mom real daughter. It was funny to see him outside the room with uncle. Oh well, now she knows the truth.

  2. I like ML’s acting. Now the storyline is shifting to Uri’s life, this drama is going to be more interesting because of his superb acting.
    BTW, I think something was wrong about his legs, may be accident in the past?

  3. It looks like one of NY’s lie about being estranged from her family for a long time is com8ng back to roost. HS mentioned his doubt about the estrangement as they are invited to have a home cooked meal by grandma.

  4. Jin Tae reveals his pain to Sun Young. Ma Ri sees them together and explodes in anger. After learning U Ri broke up with her to allow her to fulfill her wish of becoming Sun Young’s legal daughter, Su Ji falls into deep thought. Meanwhile, Do Young gets his first offer for a gig as a trot artist.


    CSY asks HJT to leave. Ma Ri scolds HJT when HJT states they lost a child. CSY and HJT were shocked. HJT asks when Ma Ri will arrive. Ma Ri asks what the two of them are doing.
    CSY asks Ma Ri to calm down, HJT won’t come again, so she won’t be depressed anymore. Ma Ri gets angry and scolds CSY. HJT asks Ma Ri not to be angry. Ma Ri becomes even more annoyed and angry when HJT states that she is suffering from severe depression.
    Uncle & A Ra arrive. He immediately suppressed his anger. He asked A Ra to come into the house, he would make delicious food for A Ra. A Ra protests because she hasn’t greeted CSY and Auntie. Uncle stated that now there were guests, he asked A Ra to come in immediately. A Ra immediately greeted Auntie who came out of the house.

    Uncle entered the resto. CSY stated that HJT made a mistake, she was very disappointed. She understands what Ma Ri feels. She asked HJT for help not to come here again.
    Ma Ri reprimanded CSY again. CSY stated she also felt the same way as her.
    Uncle asked them to stop. He gets angry and scolds them, this is not the place for them to fight. He begged HJT not to come again. He threatened HJT. HJT invites Ma Ri to leave.
    Uncle reprimanded CSY. He became even more angry when CSY stated that HJT also lost a child. He stated that it was none of CSY’s business.

    JNY arrives home. She remembered the previous incident. She invites Ma Ri to leave. Ma Ri asks JNY to come home after lunch, she has to go somewhere.
    JNY was curious and worried. JNY asked Maid to give her the key, Maid refused. JNY stated she was the DIL of this family. HJT has agreed that the room will be their baby’s room. Maid asked JNY to look inside for just a moment, she handed over the keys.
    JNY entered the room, she saw photos and brochure. She remembered HJT’s words.

    Ma Ri asks, HJT states he doesn’t want them fighting at home.
    HJT asks, Ma Ri states she came to apologize. She met U Ri, U Ri asked her to apologize. She realized that she made a mistake, but she didn’t have time to apologize.
    HJT stated he also came to apologize on Ma Ri’s behalf.
    Ma Ri scolds HJT for stating about their lost child. She became suspicious again and accused HJT of doing it to make CSY feel sorry for him.
    HJT is disappointed and angry, how long will Ma Ri be like this. He thought this was his last chance. He suggests the room for HHS’s child so their wounds can go away, but it turns out he was too greedy.

    U Ri was still busy, he asked Su Ji to go home first and tell CSY.
    HHS is confused because Su Ji came home alone. Su Ji greeted HHS. Su Ji asked HHS to act professionally when greeting her. She’s allowed to go.
    Su Ji sends a message to U Ri. Su Ji buys food for U Ri. U Ri stated she did this because she was worried about her oppa.
    U Ri asked, Su Ji stated she would eat at home, she was allowed to go. Su Ji immediately left when U Ri stated that he didn’t like eating alone.
    U Ri declares he will eat, this is the first time Su Ji has prepared this. He is sad. He recalled some memories of when they ate together.

    Stepmom is curious about Doo Ri, she asks if Doo Ri is beautiful, what her profession is, what her parents do.
    JDY was immediately relieved because he thought they were going to divorce, but it turned out to be about adoption lawsuit. He panicked when he got a call from work. He asks Doo Ri to come, he will send the location information.
    Doo Ri was happy when A Ra stated that Su Ji had moved rooms. Auntie gets in the way when Doo Ri wants to meet Su Ji.

    CSY tells Su Ji that she asked for their help to testify. Su Ji was happy, she would really be CSY’s daughter. She asked Su Ji not to worry about JJS and Stepmom.
    CSY asked, Su Ji stated she was still awkward about calling U Ri as oppa.
    CSY states for U Ri’s sake, she will make sure to make her as her daughter in every way. Su Ji was confused. CSY stated that apparently Su Ji didn’t know why U Ri gave up on her. She expressed U Ri’s request, U Ri hoped they would be happy. Su Ji became sad. CSY asked Su Ji to rest.
    Su Ji became even sadder when she remembered U Ri’s words. She hugged a doll while daydreaming.

    JNY looks at the brochure. She shows it to HHS. HHS stated he didn’t have memory at all.
    She asked, HHS thought his older brother was dead. JNY is doubtful, HHS doesn’t know about Ma Ri’s feelings. HHS informed about Ma Ri’s attitude so far. JNY is worried, she doesn’t know how to comfort Ma Ri. HHS comforts JNY, they don’t succeed, JNY doesn’t think too hard.

    Stepmom was annoyed with JNY’s attitude when she received the phone call. Shee stated Grandma invited them to eat together tomorrow. She complained and was annoyed because HHS had not visited at all. She was still nagging after JNY hung up the phone.
    It was very annoying to see JNY’s attitude. She told him about Grandma’s invitation. She worried that HHS would feel uncomfortable. HHS no problem, he agreed to come.
    HHS is actually worried that JNY will feel uncomfortable based on JNY’s previous statement that she is not in close relationship with her family.
    HHS wants to rest immediately, he’s tired. JNY said good night while holding her belly.

    U Ri arrives home. He was sad when he looked at the bedroom door, he said good night Soo Kyung. He knocked on Uncle’s door and entered the room. He asked if Uncle was sleeping, he had something to say. Su Ji woke up.
    U Ri sits down, he complains that he is hurt… because of Su Ji’s wishes, he gives up. He wasn’t confident, whether he could face this. U Ri cried, Su Ji also cried.
    After stating this, he could breathe a sigh of relief. He said good night and left the room. Su Ji kept crying…

    At the end of the episode, U Ri was very surprised when he saw Uncle at the door of his room. Uncle asked what he was doing. He was increasingly panicking and stuttering… He asked, Uncle stated that he and Soo Kyung had swapped rooms. U Ri was shocked. He became nervous and panicked… He was even more shocked when Uncle said Soo Kyung. U Ri gaped…. He was very nervous and panicked…. Uncle is confused… (U Ri really entertained us all… LOL).

    Next, U Ri is very annoyed with himself… Su Ji, Doo Ri and A Ra run together. U Ri is left behind, he’s tired… JDY performs for the shop opening. JJS watched as Doo Ri rebuked the person who criticized JDY. Doo Ri stated that JDY is a famous singer…


    U Ri poured out his heart to Uncle….

    He was shocked when he met Uncle outside the room…. LOL.
    It’s very funny to see the expression on U Ri’s face when he is shocked, confused, and panicked…

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