Pyramid Game (2024)


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Other name: 피라미드 게임 / Pilamideu Geim

Synopsis: Every Thursday afternoon, once a month, students at Sarang High School cast their votes in a popularity poll. The result? A brutal ranking system that determines the entire social hierarchy of the school. After starting at the bottom, can new transfer student Su Ji make her way to the top of the pyramid? Or will she topple the game altogether?
Adapted from the webtoon “Pyramid Game” (피라미드 게임) by “Dalgonyak” (달꼬냑).

51 Comments to “Pyramid Game (2024)

  1. I’ve read the webtoon so i can tell that the overall vibe of this is similar to weak hero (bullying, gaslighting, friendship,betrayal, abuse, etc) except all those fighting scenes. This one is more psychological especially harin’s character is kinda complicated so hope the cast will do a good job otherwise webtoon fans are going to be pissed including me ofc.

  2. she’s not the first “rookie” actress in the cast, I have a feeling she will be good

  3. great! another high school drama!! please don’t be as disappointing as Night has come

  4. Why are all these thriller kdrama posters all so freaking good. Perspective, palette, saturation, composition, nailed. Like “night has come”.

  5. Suji in 1 min trailer suffered more than in entire webtoon. I hate drama adaptation sometimes

  6. LOL.
    This could be very interesting.
    I like high school dramas.
    My fav drama is True Beauty.

  7. I’ll def check it out.
    However, there’s no romance so that’s a minus for me.
    For me, the #1 thing I look for in a kdrama is romance with an attractive couple and #2 a good story.

  8. All about “dreamy unnies”? That’s fine, but that’s YOU. We are very much looking forward to what is the “right tree” for those of US who want to see it.

  9. everyone has different taste but i think
    majority of the Korean actresses look better without bangs (or whatever hair in the front is called )

  10. Did they change it so the pyramid game is school-wide rather than just in the elite class? 🤔 That would change dynamics and seemingly make it harder to justify no one ever intervening.

  11. On trakt. If they somehow got it wrong and the waiting time isn’t as long I may start before it completes, otherwise I’m watching this on May first lol

  12. idk what trakt is but on here the episode guide says there’ll be 2 eps a week going forward, next two dropping on March 7 and so the finale will be March 21. Definitely hope that is correct because I already watched the first 4 today haha

  13. Was just about to start watching the first 4 ep and went to see when the other 6 will air. thank f**k I did because wth are these airing dates 🥴 first 4 released same day, then one month break, then remaining 6 air one ep/week with season finale May 1st?.. lmao bye

  14. this is one of the few kdramas that got me so hooked that i binge watched all the available episodes in a day. it also makes me want to read the webtoon because i want to know what happens in the end.

    for me, this drama is different than other dramas in the bullying genre. the main character is a mentally strong girl and actually keeps on trying to make things better for her and her friends (even if she hates to admit it).

    i truly enjoy the female-centered plot and that they don’t shy away to tell about the romantic relationship among certain characters. i guess it’s why it’s available on tving and not on tv channels lol

  15. I just picked this up, starting episode 2 now but I’m confused. They get 5 votes each right? It’s not like anyone has to be in grade F. Ja Eun and Su Ji could vote for each other getting one vote each and be done with it right?

  16. Just finished episode 1. It’s pretty good but like, she really needs to stop thinking so much and just pull a Yeon Si-eun

  17. just like you feel the need to comment on my post is the reason I feel the need to comment how I feel…if you dont like it you can keep scrolling

  18. wow I binge watch the 4 episodes and it’s sooo good even the ost is sooo good I likeddd It I reminded me soo much of whc1

  19. You should if you can(only the first episode is fairly disturbing the rest is just super smart mind games)

  20. It’s so funny that these, what 18 year olds? have control of the Principal and her office lol

  21. she probably has something on her father that’s so big that her father couldn’t say no to her. even he shuddered when she hummed that song

  22. The pervert girl who has a crush on Jaeun is a girl group fan in the webtoon. Why did they make her a boy group fan here ?
    She was obsessed with the izone girls.

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