Nothing Uncovered (2024) Episode 8

Dear Asian drama fans, you're watching Nothing Uncovered (2024) Episode 8 with english subtitles.

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9 Comments to “Nothing Uncovered (2024) Episode 8

  1. Jung Won made so much noise during the struggle with Cha’s bro it was like one could mistake her for havin’ an orgasm or somethin’!!🤣😭😝

    The actor playing Jung Won’s husband my gosh his eyes… so much emotion I just wanted to hug him instead.

    I must say that the interrogation room is very aesthetically pleasing.

  2. here we go again Nothing uncovereddd just like the title, Female lead is so slow if only she called the police when she found the body, yes she would be in suspicious lists but if they didnt find her DNA on the knife nor on the actress she had a great chance of getting out of trouble, but she decided to hide the thruth which makes her even more guilty. Then the therapist she’s a lil physcho, like dont tell me you doing this all because, of a man. I want this to be over with tbh too stressfull, i hate when the leads are slowwwwww

  3. There is no justification for having an affair, and the husband seems truly sorry for his past actions which is why I am starting to lose my patience with the fl.

    I would side with her whether she were to either leave her husband or remain with her husband, but this back and forth with the detective, the intense look between them in front of her husband, who is trying to amends and keep her safe, she is just being cruel.

    My ideal scenario is that after everything, she walks away from both men who have treated her badly. However, if she has to be with someone, I would like it to be the husband. Not many deserve a second chance, but I think he may just be one of the few who does.

  4. The journalist has caused a large part of her problems herself. I know they would (journalists)
    do almost anything to protect their story but she really didn’t think clearly.

  5. okay, okay. back in the day, the husband, the psych biarch, the actress, killed another student, probably started that factory fire…father and prosecutor (now politician) covered it up. the dead student’s relative, the informant, is taking revenge on them.

  6. What a crazy story this is. I pity the husband of the reporter because he us one lonely person. Yes he had an affair but the wife is even worse. Giving false hope to the husband and the detective for her selfish goal. The writer should just cut the chase, who the journalist will end up with. The title nithing uncovered fits the story.

  7. I’ve seen all I care to see of that disgusting, insane therapist, maybe she will be next of the killer’s list…

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