My Name Is Loh Kiwan (2024)


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Other name: 로기완 / 盧基菀 / Ro Gi Wan / Loh Ki Wan / Je m’appelle Loh Kiwan / Меня зовут Ло Гихван / اسمي لو كيوان

Synopsis: “Loh Ki Wan, a North Korean defector, has fled to Belgium to escape his past and be reunited with his mother, Ok Hee. However, in order to stay in the country, he must fight for refugee status from the Belgian government. Along the way, he meets Marie, a former Korean citizen who has now become a Belgian citizen. Despite their initial unpleasant encounter, they fall in love. As they navigate their new relationship, Loh Ki Wan and Marie must also confront their pasts and find a reason to live in their new home. Adapted from the novel by Jo Hae Jin, “Ro Ki Waneul Mannatda,” this drama runs for 2 hours and 11 minutes.”

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19 Comments to “My Name Is Loh Kiwan (2024)

  1. also i know like 15 other ppl probably watched it but doesn’t Marie give such Ha Joonkyung vibes from IYWUM?? am i the only one? can’t wait to see her, she seems very intriguing. i love seeing female characters that are allowed to be messy, dark, complicated. her juxtaposition to kiwan will be very interesting to watch

  2. Hahahaha, no offense taken. A person must be truly desperate to think of Belgium when looking for places to hide 😆 If it were me, I’d go to some sunny place!

  3. The story of the novel is about a North Korean refugee who defects to Belgium, to give the synopsis some more context. 😅

  4. she is one of actress that is getting a very good praise in korea especially from daily dose of sunshine.. am curious about kiwan and her character relationship

  5. as a sjk enjoyer who’s been anxiously waiting to see both hwaran and bogota, being able to see loh kiwan FIRST was not on my 2024 bingo card damn !!! not that i am complaining ksjfhsjkh

  6. Is this a parody of “my name is khan and I’m not a terrorist” From the movie my name is khan?

  7. I’m curious too … what weird plot device have they come up with to make someone WANT to be smuggled to Belgium?

    [Sorry. REALLY didn’t mean that, just couldn’t resist. I’ve been to, or through, Belgium a few times and enjoyed being there every time.]

  8. tbh i’m not sure 😂 i don’t think anything sexual though. maybe because they’re showing how hard his life was before defecting?

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