My Lovely Liar (2023)


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Air Date: Jul 31, 2023

Status: Ongoing

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Mok Sol Hee has a special ability that allows her to distinguish whether people are lying or not. She hates her ability and views it as a curse. Because of her special ability, she is unable to trust anyone. Mok Sol Hee gets involved with a murder suspect who insists he is innocent, but nobody believes him.

Director: Nam Seong Woo [남성우] and Noh Yeong Seob [노영섭]

Also known as: 소용없어 거짓말 无用的谎言 Soyongeobseo Geojismal Useless Lies Дорама Бесполезная ложь

My Lovely Liar (2023) trailer

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