Missing Crown Prince (2024)


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Status: Ongoing

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Other name: 세자가 사라졌다 / Sejaga Sarajotda / The Crown Prince Has Disappeared / The Crown Prince Is Gone / Исчезновение наследного принца

Synopsis: In this 20-episode drama set in the Joseon era, a crown prince is abducted by the woman who is to be his future wife. As they flee for their lives, their relationship takes an unexpected turn towards romance. Each episode is 60 minutes long and airs on Saturdays and Sundays.

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15 Comments to “Missing Crown Prince (2024)

  1. I hope that 20 episode isn’t for POLITICAL WAR And all because that’s one reason I run Away from historical Kdrama😭

  2. Come on I like yeji in 2037 but her acting in lsfi is definitely not that good either…

  3. Forced to? Didnt they have a super complex selection process back than? Or maybe I misread that synopsis.

    Maybe she kidnaps him because she wants to marry him, in which case, the reason could make or break the story.

    Id almost prefer she was selected and kidnaps him to avoid marrying him. Not that that makes sense. But it would be funny.

  4. No? I’ve read nearly every news articles about it and not one of them confirmed the number of eps, also since it’s still filming atm I really doubt it’d be the case

  5. That’s weird that this sageuk is presented everywhere as a rom-com sageuk with such main poster. It doesn’t give the feelings that it will be a rom-com at all, which is, for me, a very good news. ^^ If this can be a serious sageuk with few humorous scenes that will be more like it.

  6. I am not thrilled about the main female actress. Not too sure about her acting, and her Cheeks and jaw are so PUFFY!😬 It makes her look chubby, but I’m sure she isn’t. It’s just 2 prince’s fall for her!??🤔🤪 Maybe she will be okay, but it is distracting and makes it harder to believe.

    This nice profile picture of her is kind of deceiving…

  7. yeah, I think it will be Romcom in the first episodes, and then it will get more serious, maybe like Love In the Moonlight, which was pretty much a Romcom in first few episodes, and then it was really dramatic and serious

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