LTNS (2024)


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Status: Completed

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Other name: LTNS (Long Time No Sex) / Long Time No Sex / Давно без секса / لفترة طويلة لا جنس

Synopsis: Woo-jin and Samuel have been together for some time, but their relationship has grown withered and distant. When they come across a lucrative opportunity to start a blackmail team that specializes in uncovering cheating couples, they take the chance to try and revive their relationship. Working together, they search for a way to turn their lives around.

LTNS (2024) trailer

9 Comments to “LTNS (2024)

  1. Based from the two trailers I’ve seen so far, the couple appear to be a lot of fun. I hope there is no cheating between them and that they fuck at least once by the end of the show 👍🏼

  2. yall need to stop acting like it doesn’t literally say it’s 18+, yall are acting like you expect a rom-com

  3. So basically this series is just exposing cheating, I can’t stand cheating.

    Also if it’s on the more tame but funny side I don’t mind watching it. At least they are exposing them 😅

  4. watched the first two eps must say after months and months of underwhelming kdramas with actors who can barely do their job this is like chicken noodle soup for my eyes i was so immersed while watching but also definitely don’t watch if you’re expecting a netflix rom-com

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