Flex X Cop (2024)


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Status: Completed

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Other name: 재벌X형사 / 골드스푼 / 财阀X刑警 / Goldeuseupun / ChaebolXHyeongsa / Gold Spoon / Chaebol X Detective / Чеболь против детектива

Synopsis: Jin Yi Soo, a third-generation conglomerate, joins the Kangha Police Station’s investigative team to help apprehend robbers. He works with Detective Lee Kang Hyun, an experienced and dedicated investigator. Despite being unimpressed by Yi Soo’s wealth and connections, Kang Hyun allows him to join the team. Yi Soo’s privileged life is tested as he works with Kang Hyun to solve cases and bring criminals to justice.

54 Comments to “Flex X Cop (2024)

  1. Just please don’t focus on caking ABH up with makeup and lipstick and making him look like a statue in every scene like they did in See You in my 19th Life. He is a good actor let him act.

  2. this how you know Park Ji Hyun is fucking pretty

    “I hardly ever wore makeup. In fact, makeup is a tool that adds to the completeness of a character, but I thought it suited Kang Hyun better as a detective without makeup. So I felt freer and more comfortable.”

  3. It’s based on other country’s drama and there was romance. It also has the tag here.
    The leads don’t like each other at all for now.

  4. She was not insufferable at all. Thats a normal reaction for a new guy who has no experience of being a detective regardless of how handy he is or not. Thats just knee jerk reaction from some viewers

  5. Helicopter chasing a car scene was hilarious 😂😂😂 lmao 🤣
    Next level of flex. He can literally do anything

  6. This drama honestly deserves a way higher rating. I’ve been loving is far, from the first episode, soooo good!! I’m in love

  7. This drama is too entertaining. I mean I wish I could just call someone and say, “Hey can you get the helicopter ready for me.” He is too much.

    Love how things just always seem to happen around him. Flex is on it.

  8. really hoping the brother is actually good and not just pretending to be. would love a refreshing non hateful step sibling.
    ep 3 was a big improvement from the last 2 eps. hopefully it will go on like this!

  9. What’s wrong with the timer?? Is something happening this week that the airing is postponed??

  10. I’m liking this so far!

    But…what’s up with the lipstick the ML is always wearing?

  11. episode 4 was really good!!! it’s getting better , this week episodes were really great

  12. I’m really enjoying this drama, especially the bond between the two brothers. I hope his big brother is good person and Jin Yisso’s support system until the end of the series and I hope their brotherly love stays the same. Please writer Nim, no plot on betraying his little brother or I will be really really disappointed.

  13. The story is clear as a day, we can already guess how the 2 main leads are linked together and they are following the classic rich bratty ML with an upright cop FL coming together and starts to discover his hidden truth but Come on!!! Like they are still bullying our guy and its already 5th ep. Like for 3 episodes bullying ok but there’s a limit to everything, I just hope they won’t drag it to the next eps. Ps. I like the cases that they show in each week and I would stick around if it doesn’t get way way annoying

  14. Really liking the series so far. I know he’s the MC and all but other members needs to do something too. He’s just solving everything

  15. Yeah…I also cant understand why everyone is so mad at FL. She just told him to discuss evidence with her before taking action as she is the team leader.

  16. There’s something about the bathroom down the hall. This is the second time they focused on it. The first was when he moved and was staring down at it and the second time is with his brother. I feel like that’s a key factor to something in his past and unlocking his memories 🤷🏾‍♀️

  17. Enjoy this drama and the cases.

    I hope we swing the focus on more what happened with the JYS and his mother. Who set up LKH father? Can’t wait to see both of these investigations.

    Can we ALL talk about the JYS’s hair? Tone down the slickness.

  18. i get hating him in the beginning but by now he has helped multiple times yet she still treats him the same rude way.
    dropping this after tomorrow’s ep if the FL doesn’t stop being insufferable.

  19. Me too! If tomorrow’s episode doesn’t still make the FL better then gonna drop this. She’s been so frustrating from the start and until now I still don’t see her apologize for her wrongful arrest and it seems they’re going to use her dad’s background story to justify her actions

  20. The main wife is sus…bro..

    I.e. when the son hugged her consoling about the ML…he had an expression on his face….knowing ML went back to the house

  21. Yes, you’re correct about guaranteed ratings and this saving sbs in terms of ratings since my demon lacked that, but how does that relate to what I mentioned? It seems like you’re ignoring me and responding with your own predetermined opinion lol

  22. I didnt watch Marry My Husband so cant comment but its two different genre and time slot lol. Anyways need to see how they do next week

  23. Free Cable doesnt mean guranteed ratings. SBS drama my demon was in 3% range this drama saves them

  24. This just getting too good, now the 8th episode has unfolded what Yi Soo’s state of mind will be after remembering everything. Till now we only saw his fun side and him solving cases in his cool way but now he will have to face his own emotions and mind. Also his relationship with Kang Hyun might see a new turn seeing how she has had a change of heart seeing how Yi Soo has improved as a person and her pity for his past.

  25. I knew this drama was going to be a great watch and now seeing their nationwide and international ratings it has proved to be among the top dramas. I just hope ratings on MDL also go above 8.5. This is surely a 9 at least for me.
    I haven’t watched a drama with such a good pacing since some time and a character like Yi Soo surely doesn’t come every day and Ahn Bo Hyun is truly doing justice to the character.

  26. At first i was really sceptical about how this will go…

    But it’s getting better and better each episode. It’s finally a drama where we can see improvement, developement and even changes in each character (big example is Insoo’s brother as we all predicted aswell as Kang Hyun). Love it.

    The ending of episode 8 was incredible. hypnosis is such a powerful thing to do and it really scares me.

  27. To be honest it was fun since the start and the case solving made it interesting but that factor has now increased because he will now solve his own mystery too. Also, there might be change in the leads relationships so that too will bring in a different excitement.

  28. The way they have shown the scene it can be predicted as such. Because the way he opened up on the rooftop and made her not submit the report instead putting it in the drawer shows the detailing of the scene and changing of her opinion, so this is something which is most likely to resurface and the FL will most likely make the ML understand that how she started believing that he is changing for good.

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