Firewire Sniper (2024)


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Release Year:

Status: Completed

Other name: 火线狙击

Synopsis: The film tells the story of the male protagonist Song En (played by actor Xie Mengwei) who gave up his identity as a police officer in order to destroy the dark forces that were poisoning the local area and the deeper people behind them. At the same time, he was burdened with the revenge of his father’s murder and the betrayal of a traitor in the police force. Infamy, he lurked in the dark forces and became a claw of a criminal organization. He embarked on a lonely road of competing with the dark forces alone, surrounded by dangers. In the end, he cooperated with the police inside and outside to break the dark story.

Director: Zhou Jing

Firewire Sniper (2024) trailer

Firewire Sniper (2024) full episodes

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