Castaway Diva (2023)


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Status: Completed

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Other name: 무인도의 디바 / 無人島的DIVA / Muindoui Diba / Diva of the Deserted Island / Diva On A Desert Island / Diva on a Deserted Island / Desert Island Diva / Дива с необитаемого острова

Description: Follows the story of a woman who is rescued on a deserted island after going missing 15-years ago.
Mok Ha is a girl who has always dreamt of becoming a singer. During middle school, Mok Ha goes missing and ends up on a deserted island, where she manages to survive alone for 15-years. For Mok Ha, being rescued from her solitary life is one thing; adjusting to modern society is another!
(Source: Allkpop)
Episodes: 12

Castaway Diva (2023) trailer

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